Hi 9jagista I Found out after 2 years of marraige that my wife is a Shemale! what should i do?

I'm really depressed... I love my wife so much that i can do anything for her, we have been dating for like 4 years now and finally got married 2 years ago. All this years, i never asked her for sex cos i wanted to prove to her that my intention was to get married to her not intimacy.

After our marriage, we decided not to have sex for a year cos we were not ready to raise kids, but the year after, i talked to her about raising kids and she didn't show interest, I never knew she was hiding something from me but i insisted it was time we had sex and to my surprise she starting shedding tears, i became so worried and asked hey why she was crying but she couldn't say a word. I tried to persuade her to confide in her husband but she looked into my eyes and the only words that came out of her mouth was I LOVE YOU AND DON'T WANNA LOOSE YOU... I became more worried and finally she opened up to me and told me she is a SHEMALE.. At that point i became confused and didn't know what to do. please i need your advise cos am really depressed.


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  1. Really feel sorry for you... I don't advise divorce but if she actually loved you, she would have said a word to you before marriage... get a new wife and have a happy marriage.

  2. Happy married life