Beautiful Student Raped By 5 Differrent Men In One Day; Even Security Man Did It...

It was a very bad day recently for a beautiful ND 1 student of a private polytechnic in Ekiti State as she was raped by five different different men, including a boy who was professing undying love for her and wanted her to be his special girlfriend.

The boy and his three friends first took turn to rape her after tying her hands and legs...
Then a security man who was asked to take the victim to the police station for a formal report also could not resist her beauty, hence he took her to his house and also forcefully had his way. How sad!

Consequently, OluFamous.Com gathered that 4 suspected members of a cult group and the security man of the institution have all been arrested over the incident.

The rape victim [name withheld] said the boy, who had earlier asked her out, stormed her room with 3 boys, tied her up and took turn to rape her.

She said the Chief Security Officer of the school directed a security man, Adanbioje, to take her to police station to make an official report of the rape case but after leaving the station, the security man took her to his residence and also forcefully had sex with her.

The security man, however, denied raping the female student. He claimed that he granted the girl an “asylum” because she said she could not sleep alone in her house.

“She could not sleep alone because she was afraid that those who had earlier raped her might come back again,” he insisted

The Police PRO, Victor Babayemi, who paraded the suspects, said police investigation had shown that rape cases had been rampant in the institution, and assured that the suspects would be prosecuted.