Woman In Street Fight With Married Man Who Impregnates Her And Escape...

It was drama galour at a popular street in Abuja, the Federal capital territory on Tuesday night as a big babe in the city was engaged in public fight with a man, who my source say is married with four children.

The matter which started as mere argument between two secret lovers soon degenerated into a serious fight, to the extent that the man was said to have stripped the lady...

The man, identified as Mekus, has a business in the area and had gone to see his staff when his lover showed up from a car and started insulting him. She accused him of sleeping with her in hotels and in her apartment but stopped talking to her when she told him she was pregnant for him.

The man said he used to give her money whenever they "do something" and asked her if he ever told her he wanted to marry her. A source told 9jagista that the man asked her some questions in the presence of passersby who had separated them: "I no tell you say I don marry? I no dey give you money anytime we do something? So what is your problem? Why are you disturbing my life?"

The woman didn't answer him, she was just crying, using one hand to cover her open boobs and the other to grab her lover's trouser [so he wont escape again].

The estranged lovers were later taken to a corner where it was suggested that the man should "settle" her to go and "take care of the pregnancy".