Justin Bieber Labeled "Immature," Off the Legal Hook for Reckless Driving and Spitting...

Justin Bieber Spits on Neighbor, Faces Charges

Justin Bieber will not be prosecuted for driving recklessly around his neighborhood and for spitting in his neighbor's face earlier this year.

But he will be scolded.

Deputy District Attorney Alan Yochelson has reviewed the May 27 incident - during which the singer's Ferrari was spotted speeding around his gated community - and determined the evidence simply isn't there to determine "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Bieber was behind the wheel.

According to official findings, security cameras in the area depicted Bieber's vehicle leaving his driveway, but the artist was riding a motorcycle behind the car. Minutes later, both car and motorcycle returned, with Justin in the same spot.

 A neighbor, of course, claims he witnessed Bieber driving dangerous and confronted the star on his property, leading to a very heated exchange and to Bieber supposedly spitting in the man's mug. Justin will not face charges for this outburst, either, but Yochelson referred to his angry response as "disproportionate and immature." It's hard to argue with that assessment, isn't it? Bieber is allegedly cleaning up his lame act and working on his reputation these days, but another case of him coming across like a spoiled brat sadly just arose: seriously, who has bodyguards carry him up The Great Wall of China?!?

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