Sinead O'Connor to Miley Cyrus: Don't Be a Naked Prostitute! ...

In a recent interview, Miley Cyrus said her controversial Wrecking Ball video was inspired by Sinead O'Connor's video for the track "Nothing Compares 2 U." Having learned of this statement, the 46-year old Irish singer has reached out to the lightning rod of a 20-year0old artist via an open letter on the Internet. In it, she offers both a scathing critique and a few words of inspiring wisdom.
 Sinead O'Connor on StageMiley Cyrus Puckering Up

O'Connor, who knows a bit about causing controversy herself, writes:

"I am extremely concerned for you that those around you have led you to believe, or encouraged you in your own belief, that it is in any way 'cool' to be naked and licking sledgehammers in your videos."

 "It is in fact the case that you will obscure your talent by allowing yourself to be pimped, whether it's the music business or yourself doing the pimping." O'Connor - who has never been shy about her opinion (once tearing up a photo of The Pope during an SNL performance) - went on to diss the music industry and explain her worries. "The music business doesn't give a sh*t about you, or any of us," she tells Miley. "They will prostitute you for all you are worth, and cleverly make you think its what YOU wanted..."

 "And when you end up in rehab as a result of being prostituted, 'they' will be sunning themselves on their yachts in Antigua, which they bought by selling your body and you will find yourself very alone." Cyrus said on last night's MTV special that she plans to take over the world, but O'Connor advises her to focus on her "talent" over her "looks" in order to do so. And the veteran artist does believe Miley Cyrus has "obvious" talent. "As for the shedding of the Hannah Montana image... whoever is telling you getting naked is the way to do that does absolutely NOT respect your talent, or you as a young lady," she wrote. "Your records are good enough for you not to need any shedding of Hannah Montana. She's waaaaaaay gone by now.. Not because you got naked but because you make great records."