18 Human Heads Found at O'Hare Airport

The Cook County (Ill.) Medical Examiner's office confirmed Monday that it received 18 human specimens at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Monday.
Yes, 18 human heads were found at the Chicago airport.

The specimens (human heads) are still covered in skin and wrapped in plastic. Somewhat surprisingly, authorities already say no foul play was suspected.
Sources tell FOX 32 News that they came from Italy, and may have been sent to be used for some kind of scientific research or a medical experiment.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection were investigating the matter, but declined to comment Monday night until further information became available.
UPDATE: A spokeswoman for the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said early Tuesday that the heads were originally sent from Illinois to Italy.
The purpose? Medical research. The heads were being returned to Chicago for disposal as per the agreement. They are now scheduled for cremation.
Okay, that's slightly less weird. Slightly.