Karrueche Tran on Chris Brown: I Do Love Him!

Karrueche Tran.
The sexy, 5'1'' biracial fashionista and model has become, over the past year, a crucial cast member of the must-watch Chris Brown-Rihanna soap opera.

Who is the real Karrueche Tran? An opportunist or a private girl caught in a very public situation? A new interview with VIBE suggests the latter.
Karrueche, whose clothing line "The Kill" made her a Chris Brown business partner - sexual partner came later - opens up about the complex relationship:
"It’s a lot going on but it could be a lot worse," she says of Rihanna and Chris Brown flaunting their love on Instagram. "And that’s how I look at life."
"I take it for what it is. I move forward, grow from it and at this point, that’s what I’m doing. I’m not gonna sit and dwell and become consumed in negativity."
"I could very much be that person, especially when things are so public and so thrown in my face. But like I said, things can be much worse. So I’m good."
Does she see a future with CB romantically, after all they've been through in the past year?
"At the end of the day, he will always be a friend. We’ll always care about each other. We won’t allow that to interfere. Our business is business."
"I do care about him and I do love him," she says of the controversial singer and her ex-BF.
As for what Karrueche Tran would say if she, Rihanna and Chris Brown ever sat down in the same room together and hashed this drama out?
"For everybody, emotionally, that would just be way too much. I’m a very mature person so if the time ever did come where we would need to sit down and talk, I’d do it."
"I’m a mature person. I can work it out but it would be a lot. (Pause) Yeah, it would be a lot."
If that ever happened, the celebrity gossip and Twitter universes would probably explode due to collective overuse. But it would make for great copy.