Rihanna in Complex: Topless, Tight-Lipped on Chris Brown...

Rihanna is unsurprisingly topless - and tight-lipped when it comes to her on-off boyfriend Chris Brown - in the latest issue of Complex magazine.
The publication features seven different covers, plus a bunch of candid Rihanna photos inside. Spoiler alert: She bears serious skin. We know. Shock.

RiRi took to her Instagram account last night to show off all the pics from the spread, which includes some revealing Polaroids she took herself.
One thing that's nobody's business, however? Her "Nobody's Business" collaborator, Chris Brown. "It's nobody's business," she says of their relationship status.
The magazine then posed to Rihanna the question we're all thinking: If her relationship with Chris is nobody's business, why record a song about it?
This inquiry apparently stunned the otherwise uninhibited pop superstar.
"Pardon me?" she replied, eyebrow, raised. "It's the truth, remember?"
As she walked out, she added, "It's a fun record that The Dream wrote and we loved the lyrics. You're still asking me questions about it so clearly you don't know."
And now you do. Maybe.
The interview comes as rumors fly about Rihanna and Chris Brown being off again, despite appearing to be a full-fledged couple as recently as New Year's.
Whether Chris is tapping it or not, the girl has a killer body - as we saw in the Rihanna nude photos from Barbardos - and she's not afraid to flaunt it.
Check out the rest of Complex's covers and photos below ...