Suge Knight: Wanted After Court No-Show...

Suge Knight is a wanted man. It's not the first time.
Not one but TWO warrants have been issued for the former Death Row CEO's arrest following a pair of alleged incidents in which he drove with no license.
Suge Knight Mug Shot Photo
Knight was supposed to be in court last Thursday to answer charges pertaining to those cases, one stemming from 2011 and the other from 2012.
But of course, ol' Sugar Bear failed to show up.
Especially when one is already on three years unsupervised probation for one of the incidents, bailing on a court date is typically not looked highly upon.
The judge in the case immediately issued two bench warrants, meaning any law enforcement official is officially on notice to arrest Suge Knight on sight.
Amazing that of all things, Knight is wanted by authorities for something as mundane as a driver's license invalidation, but that's where things stand.
No word if he was with Katt Williams when he flaked.