Actress Liz Da Silva Dedicates Her Baby; Begs Man To Accept The Baby...

Report is that actress Liz Da Silva enjoyed herself with three different men within short intervals, leading to her pregnancy and subsequent delivery of a baby boy. She tried to hook the pregnancy on each of the men but they all refuted her claims, for one reason or the other.

A close source told OluFamous.Com that she has finally narrowed down to just one man...
The man is a Lagos big boy and I hear she has sent people to help beg him to reconsider her and the baby. My source said Liz is now claiming that the Lagos big boy, who has dated many actresses, was the the only man that she slept with without condom, saying the two other men were using condom.

But I hear the man is still standing his ground that he was not the only one sleeping with her. 
What is the way out for Liz now?