Check out the first motorcycle produced in Nigeria...

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) has unveiled the first motorcycle produced in Nigeria, designed and manufactured by the National Engineering Design and Development Institute (Nnewi), a subsidiary of NASENI.

The 80C engine motorcycle was launched in Anambra state today. The agency is now asking the government to ban the importation of motorcycles, promising that with financial assistance, they can produce better motorcyles. #Yimz! Hehe!

The Vice Chairman of NASENI, Dr.Mohammed Haruna, said:
"About 20 million Nigerians today rely on motorcycles as a means of transport and many unemployed youths and men support their families or earn a living from running motorcycle as a commercial venture. Imagine the large number of jobs that will be created if only Nigeria could close her borders against the importation of motorcycles and allow entrepreneurs to invest in the manufacturing of the parts including production of the motorcycle locally.