Kim Kardashian Baby Photos: What Will North West Look Like?

Ever since Kim Kardashian's first child came into the world through her vagina - known from this day forward as the North West passage - we have wondered:  What will the spawn of Kim and Kanye West look like?
Kim Kardashian Baby Projection

Kanye West Baby Picture
Even before Thursday's Kim Kardashian baby name reveal, insiders were reporting that she “looks just like Kim,” so that’s a good thing, probably. Maybe.  It may be awhile until North West makes her public debut. Her arrival five weeks before Kim's due date no doubt threw a wrench into the Kards' PR machine.  When the celebrity couple will release the first official pics of their bundle of joy, and how many millions they will collect for doing so, we can not say.  What we can do is speculate ... and compile a hilarious collection of projected images of what the Internet envisions little North West will look like.  Follow the jump for UNofficial photos galore!!

Kimye Baby Face MorphKim Kardashian Baby Face Morph
Kimye Baby ProjectionKim and Kanye Baby Projection
  Which of the above projected Kimye baby pictures is your favorite?