Scared Tonto says weed photos are ‘Photoshop’...

Tonto DikehControversial actress, Tonto Dikeh, trended last Saturday after 9jagista reported that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency had set its sights on her for posting marijuana photos on her Instagram page.
To Tonto, posting the weed photos wasn’t a big deal, but with the NDLEA’s threats, she has changed tune.
An obviously rattled Tonto swiftly took to Twitter to explain the source of the photos.
Whether these explanations are enough to convince her fans and readers is another issue.
The NDLEA says she risks 15 years in jail for “promoting” the consumption of the weed.
Her tweet via her twitter handle, @tontolet, says the weeds in the photos are not marijuana but ‘herbs’, adding that somebody ‘photo shopped’ her picture. In her statement, she wondered why anybody would punish her for someone else’s crime.
She tweeted, “How stupid do u all feel knowin diz ain’t ma Instagram account?
“A fan wrote d words with herbs on my birthday, and I replied: “Thank you #teampoko”. Now how does someone else’s action become my crime?
“If you cannot find me holding a wrap of marijuana then you may want to slow down on your assumptions.
“Stay strong, be happy, make them wonder how you’re still smiling even though you’re hurt.
“When you make mistakes, don’t give up, but ask for God’s forgiveness and press on. Make that same commitment each and every day.”
However, Tonto may be resting easy as more than a week has passed without the NDLEA picking her up.
The agency’s spokesperson, Mitchell Ofoyeju, has said that he is aware of Tonto’s statement on Twitter, but won’t say much on the issue.