I'm Not As Rich As Don Jazzy ––Says Atiku...

Former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, caused confusion on the Nigerian social media space on Saturday, when he declared on Twitter that he is not as rich as award-winning music producer, Don Jazzy.

A Twitter user, Dahiru Mustapha, tweeting via @ZizouQA, had asked Atiku why he had not been giving out recharge cards on the social network as Don Jazzy used to do.

"Why can't @atiku share recharge cards like @donjazzy?" Mustapha tweeted. Responding to the inquiry, Atiku declared that he is not as rich as many Nigerians may have been made to believe. He said:
"But I'm not as rich as Don Jazzy #smile."

Atiku's reply immediately went viral on social media as tens of people retweeted it. The comment stirred up a debate among social media users.

Don Jazzy on noticing the claims of Atiku, expressed shock. He first moved to confirm the originality of the Atiku's Twitter handle from one of his daughters, Meena Abu.

He asked, "Hello @MeenaAbu is this really daddy's (Atiku) account? Abeg hail him for me o. Tell him to ignore dis kids on my Twitter handle o. lol." Meena Abu replied saying, "@atiku is daddy's Twitter handle."

Having noticed the buzz Atiku's statement created online, Don Jazzy tweeted, "Ahhhh, good afternoon, sir!" He added, "These children will not koba me o. If I get half of baba Atiku's money, you think say I go still dey holla Eminado Eminado. hissss. I go need another session of #MakeOverbyGod oo."

A Twitter user said very soon some Nigerian politicians seeking to underestimate their wealth status would start lying that they borrowed money for their campaigns from the music producer.

"Soon, politicians will be like 'I borrowed money from Don Jazzy for my campaign," Ade Sleek tweeted.

But as the Twittersphere was agog with retweets and mentions about Atiku's statement, Don Jazzy shared a link to a scholarship programme being spearheaded by the former VP, who appreciated the gesture, thus: "Thank you, @Donjazzy. You are an inspiration and role model for your generation. Keep flying high."

Don Jazzy enjoys creating a buzz on the micro-blogging service with the way and manner he shares money and recharge cards to his followers, a move many describe as a publicity stunt.