WHO, Boko Haram’s doctor arrested...

The Joint Task Force, JTF, implementing the state of emergency imposed on Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, has arrested a medical doctor (names with-held) in Borno State, who is the  medical consultant to the  terrorist group. He is at the same time a consultant with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Vanguard gathered from reliable security sources that the arrest of the medical doctor followed a tip-off  that the terrorists had a well organized mobile medical facility with which wounded insurgents are treated.

The international connection of the medical doctor was, however, brought to the fore when suddenly, the international human rights watch dog, Amnesty International, sent its officials to investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the supposedly WHO consultant.

“In fact, what gave him out was his suit case containing sophisticated medical equipment with which he provided diagnostic services to the terrorists”, the source said.

Disclosing how the doctor was arrested, the source said: “A truck suspected to be carrying insurgents and IEDS as well as other dangerous weapons was stopped at a check point but it sped off. Unknown to the truck’s driver and other occupants of the truck, there was another checkpoint which had been alerted of their coming. When the truck got to that checkpoint, the security operatives fired  at it while the occupants ran into the bush.

“When the truck was searched, various types of IEDS, AK 47 rifles and other bomb-making materials were found. Also found was a suit case containing medical equipment. After some time, when the doctor felt the Special Forces had left, he came back to retrieve his suit case but was ambushed and arrested”.

The source added that “immediately the doctor was arrested, Amnesty International was calling the military authorities alleging that an innocent doctor has been arrested by the JTF forces and that he should be released because of his human rights, though the military authorities are not moved by their plea”.

In another development, Vanguard gathered that the recent attack at Government Secondary School, near Potiskum in Yobe State during which 29 students and a teacher were killed, was the fallout of the arrest of a lawyer with alleged links with the sect.

Vanguard gathered that the lawyer (names with-held), was the one who always provided legal services for suspected Boko Haram terrorists each time they were arrested and he was said to be an ideological/ intellectual contributor to their activities in Yobe State.

Following his arrest by JTF forces, the lawyer allegedly said, “So you have arrested me. Let me warn you that this town will know no peace until I am released”.

The source said that two days after, the secondary school near Potiskum was attacked and the children (students) slaughtered”.

After the massacre of the children, neighbours living in the area said they heard the terrorists shouting “Allahu Akbar, yes we have taken revenge for his arrest”.

The source said: “The most horrifying aspect of the students’ killing was that they asked the students, both boys and girls to pull off their dresses, and any student found with pubic hair on  his or her private parts, was not only shot and killed, they also used axes or machetes to cut off their legs from their body”.

Both the medical doctor and the lawyer are however said to be in custody of the JTF forces and would not be released until investigations into their alleged connivance with the terrorists are concluded and they are prosecuted”.