Hollywood Actress Gets The Beating Of Her Life For Sleeping With A Married Man...

One of the hot babes in Nollywood who specializes in warming the bed of Movie Producers to get juicy role in their movies got more than she had bargained for recently, 9jagista gathered.

In a bid to satisfy the married man, who is a popular Director, after he promised to give her the lead role in the latest movie he's working on in Asaba, the actress decided to lodge into the same hotel room with the man, not knowing that some people were watching.

One of the angry ladies in the crew however tipped the Director's wife and she stormed the hotel only to catch the actress red handed on her husband's bed.

Fight broke out, the actress, said to be from the South East, was given the beating of her life as the few people around could not stop the angry wife from stripping the actress after dragging her out of the room into the lobby.

The Director, who has been enjoying himself with the beautiful lady, simply walked away as his wife deal the actress serious blows and hot slaps. News of the unfortunate incident spread in the movie location, hence the man decided to dump the job and return to his base in Lagos.

I hear the actress is still nursing her wounds and she is blaming a fellow young actress, who is jealous of her for getting a lead role. She allegedly told her friends that a fellow actress reported her to the man's wife.