I Don't Know Why I Always Love Wrong Men ––Actress Funmi...

Who is Funmi Fiberesima?
I am a producer and actress but I like to refer to myself as entertainment entrepreneur because I handle the business of entertainment.

How much did you spend producing your first movie?
I spent close to N12m and that was because I ran into a lot of people that were thieves but my production was protected because of my background. I have learnt that if I have to give somebody any money, the person has to sign a written agreement.

The money must have come from your boyfriend?
I don't have a boyfriend.

Why is that?
I seem to make all the wrong choices. The cliché that good girls like bad boys applies to my situation because I have a tendency to run into the wrong kind of guys.

Did you fall for a bad boy?
Yes. I fell for a couple of them. I seem to have a track record in that area. The fact is that if one person does something bad to you and the second person does the same thing, you begin to ask if you have a problem. I am currently going through rehabilitation process in church so that I can spot a good guy when he comes.

What happened with the last guy you dated?
He is married now. We actually got engaged, he was a good guy but a boring one.

Would you have preferred an actor to him?
No, I would not prefer an actor because I am not sure I would be able to endure the sight of my husband kissing another woman in a movie.

But that is your profession…
I know. Our profession is the type that can drive a woman crazy. I know there are some actors that do all that and are still committed to their homes but I don't think I am secure enough to be an actor's wife.