Monarch of Warri Denounces 500-year-old Tradition for Christ, Sparks Protests...

Monarch of Warri Denounces 500-year-old Tradition for Christ, Sparks Protests

 Atuwatse II, the Olu of Warri, has announced he was giving the land where he rules to God and putting a stop to Idol worship.
In a document titled “The New Order of Iwere Kingdom”, the monarch declared, “Henceforth, I submit and present the title ‘Ogiame’ to God, the creator, who made the sea and rules over all. Therefore, no Olu or person may bear the title or name that now belongs to God. I nullify all tokens of libation poured on the land and seas or sprinkled into the air in Iwere land. I frustrate all sacrifices of wine, blood, food, water, kola nuts, and other items offered in Iwere land. In conformity with the new covenant through the blood of Jesus, I release the royal bloodline, the chiefs of the Iwere kingdom, the Iwere people and land, waters and atmosphere of Iwere kingdom from all ties to all other spiritual covenants and agreements.”

However, such a declaration has triggered swift reactions from the royal family and the youths. The youths who came out to protest said, they are protesting against the moves by the monarch and others to change the only recognized ancient title of “Ogiame” that represents the symbol of the Kingdom of Warri.
The palace of the Olu of Warri remains barricaded by the protesters for the third day who erected canopies in the front gate. The protesters set a huge fire outside the gate of the palace.
Some women and youths also erected canopies by the side fence of the palace where they cooked and danced.

One of the protesting youths also said that the move amounts to a desecration of a title that has been in existence for more than 500 years.
Despite the protests the Olu of Warri is not changing his stance, insisting that it’s time for the land to go back to God.