These Boobs Are One Of My Selling Point ––Nollywood Actress ...

She's got it and she knows it. For upcoming actress, Success Asibor Kenneth (aka Vanilla) all that matters is her good looks and the fact that men are easily attracted to her things. She said it makes her very happy when different parts of her body drive men crazy. Below is what she told a reporter:

Tell us about the best part of your body
The best part of my body is my skin, my fresh hot legs, my boobs but mostly my face.

Why do you like them
I love my skin because it so soft, fair and beautiful, I love my legs because they are spotless and my face because it catches men fancy.

How do you cope with attention from men
It is normal in our country Nigeria for men to walk up to ladies even though they don’t like her, most of them do it for the fun of it. I enjoy it when men approach me, but as a lady you should know how to respect yourself thou I have many male friends.