Wife Almost Killed Her Husband With Dagger Over Girlfriend

Marriage is a respected institution that men and women should look forward to but when a woman chases her husband with a digger and another woman decides to have extra marital affairs, then there are questions that should be answered.

This was the case in the family of Mr and Mrs Ogodi of Ado town in the Karu area of Nasarawa State. The couple had been having some rough patches in recent times just as most families are prone to but the wife, Chidinma, probably never thought that the argument [over infidelity] would end up with her spending several night in police custody.

The case of the commissioner of Police versus Mrs Chidinma Ogodi was mentioned at the Upper Area court Maraba Gurku, Nasarawa State, and according to the First Information Report (FIR) from the police, on September 5, 2013, Chidinma had a misunderstanding with her husband at their home and during the war of words that ensued she ran after him with a digger with intention to kill him.

She picked up a digger which happened to be lying close by at that moment and went after her husband with intent to actualise her threat. He managed to escape but she decided to take out her annoyance on his car and she smashed his windscreen, refusing to stop until the whole windscreen was destroyed.

However, the sister to Mrs Chidinma told a story quite different from what was in the report. 
Mrs Daberechi Onyereri,who came to court to apply for bail for Chidinma, stated in her report that it was Mr Ogodi that attacked his wife because they had a "small" misunderstanding and it was in the course of this that the windscreen got smashed. She however could not state which of the parties smashed it or if her sister Chidinma had chased her husband with a digger.

The court didn't buy the sister's story.
Chidinma was arraigned on September 9, 2013, and charged with criminal intimidation, mischief and attempt to commit homicide contrary to sections 397, 327 and 95 of the Penal Code Law of Nigeria.

The couple has three children and from the look of things, they are heading for a divorce.