Boyfriend Cries Out: My Girlfriend Fooled And Deceived Me, She’s Been Wearing Buttocks Pad All This Time!...

Hi, my name is Amoakohene and i have been dating this girl for 3 months now. This girl is extremely beautiful and caring. When i met this girl on campus 3 months ago, one thing that really caught my eye about her was her flawless figure.
She had nice boobs, a really flat tummy, wide hips and a big bum. Since that is the type of women i had always wanted to date.. I pursued her and she accepted. We had never been intimate until yesterday when something happened that has really left me confused.
Since it was a holiday, she came over to visit me and we started getting intimate. After a few minutes of kissing, my girlfriend decided to take off everything and to my amazement, i realised that she has a very small butt, and that all along she has been wearing one of these thick foam foam buttocks pads.
I was so shocked and disappointed and asked her to leave my house because she has deceived me. I love this girl but i think she is lying to me about many other things if she lied about the size of her butt.. please help i really need your advice on this.

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  1. Abeg oga dis shldnt b a problem...