(PHOTOS) Girl Raped And Beaten To Death With Plastic Pipe In Her Vagina...

This happened in Brazil yet the victim wore footwear other than flip flops at the time of her brutal death. Must be the first. She's also not a Da Silva. All kinds of weirdness in this report, but brutality of her death more than makes up for it.

24 year old Cecilia Oliveira Evangelista was found naked, murdered and violated with a lead pipe up the Vagina in a house on Rua da Graça, Tancredo Neves, near the fountain in the town of Teixeira de Freitas, state of Bahia, Brazil. The house was under construction, the owner intended to turn it into a bar and already had a pool table installed inside. The police reported that more than 30 cm of the pipe was rammed up the victim's vagina.