EXPOSED: Reps Member Dies During Séx With Female Banker In Abuja...

This is a clear danger signal to all those big men who are good in sleeping with their bank account officers, in the name of "thank you for banking with us". While I was in Abuja, inside source showed 9jagista few ladies in top banks who had come to "service" some Senators in a big hotel in the city. I was shocked!

The source said that was how they "service" Governors and even big men in the Presidency. It is indeed a very big mess we have in Nigeria and now it has sent a House of Reps member to his early grave.

Hon. Raphael Oloye Nomiye, who's representing Ondo State in the House of Reps, was said to be having his turn of "service" with his female Account Officer in his bedroom when something happened...

Top security sources said he was having a sexual affair with a female banker in his private residence located at Gwarinpa Estate in Abuja when the unfortunate incident happened.

When Daily Trust visited the deceased’s residence at Second Avenue in Gwarinpa Estate, neighbours said the banker, who managed his accounts, rushed down from the one-storey building to inform the policemen on guard at the house that “oga just fell down and is vomiting blood.”

They said when the policemen entered into his room upstairs, they found him laying on the floor with a towel tied round his waist, while he bled from the mouth. He was then quickly taken to a private clinic on 3rd Avenue within the estate in his official Toyota Camry 2012 car.

It was further learnt that doctors at clinic declined to attend to him, saying it was a “serious” matter, he was then rushed to the National Hospital, Abuja, where the doctors on duty later pronounced him dead.

Police sources disclosed that the female banker who was "servicing" him, is now in police custody at Gwarinpa Police Station, Abuja.

She had denied having sexual affair with the lawmaker before his death. But she has now changed her story after doctors at the National Hospital conducted an examination on the corpse, which confirmed that the late federal lawmaker, Hon Nomiye, had slept with a woman shortly before his demise.

After the test result came out, the banker (name withheld) admitted to Police interrogators that she had actually slept with him and had helped him to clean up, following which he went into the bathroom, where he suddenly fell and began to vomit blood.

Police investigators who inspected the lawmaker’s house had succeeded in recovering some items, including a bottle of water, which the deceased lawmaker had drank from, some tissue papers and the clothes the man had worn earlier in the day.

When Daily Trust visited the banker’s private residence located at Kado Estate in Abuja, two of her friends, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she and Hon Nomiye were friends.

Investigation revealed that although late Nomiye was married, his wife and kids do not live with him in Abuja.