I'm Ready To Act Nude —Nollywood Actress Queeneth Hilbert ...

Ghen ghen!! Nigerians, I won't you all to know that you now have a sister who says she is ready to go all out in her acting career and do whatever it takes, even acting completely nude. Her name is Queeneth Hilbert and she has been a model all these year before joining Nollywood. Read what she told a report below...

Where are you from? 
I am from Nigeria.
What part of Nigeria are you from?
I think the fact that I said I’m from Nigeria is okay. Anyway my father is Lebanese while my mother is from Ebonyi State.

Would you mind acting semi-nude, or being specific, on pant and bra?
I don’t mind, if the money is right, why not? The problem with Nigerians is that most of us are hypocrites. This same pant and bra is the reason some of them buy or rent Hollywood movies. What is wrong in someone being free, doing his or her job? Some actresses would want to act a role but they will be like, I don’t want to be criticized. I don’t believe in all that.
I get a script and if it involves acting seminude, as long as it’s an integral part of the story, why not? If I decide to take up a seminude role tomorrow I know some people will not like it. I am not doing it for anybody to like it. I am doing my job. I am building my own profile. I don’t see anything wrong in acting in pants and bra.

Are you not bothered that that might scare the guys away from asking your hand in marriage?
Are you kidding me? Oh my God! A man that was meant for me by God will look away because of the controversies. Most of the time, 70 percent of the fame we have, comes with controversies. If there is no controversy then there is no fame. That is how it has been, whether Bollywood, Hollywood or Nollywood. 
If you want to be a celebrity, people must talk about you, good or bad, they are all controversies. If a man doesn’t want to ask my hand in marriage because of my controversial nature, he can take a walk. There are many guys out there so he can just take the door and create space for other people to come in. It is as simple as that.

We have a lot of hunky actors in Nollywood, if you were to pick, who will that be?
OC Ukeje, no, not my type. Joseph Benjamin no, he’s not my type. IK Ogbonna no, he’s too fair and he acts like everybody is all up on him. I don’t like dragging my man. You know Gbenro of Tinsel. I would go with Gbenro of Tinsel. I wouldn’t mind playing that kind of role with Gbenro.

Who gave you your first kiss in a movie?
I think it was either John Dumelo or Yul Edochie. I can’t remember.

Off screen, who would you kiss between those two?
John Dumelo
**Damn, this girl is damn bold and straight to the point, no pretending at all!