MUSIC: You are mine by Linda Ibezim...

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Linda  ibezim, aka 1million hails from the eastern part of Nigeria  umuahia, Abia state.born in the late 80's has been singing for the past 5 years. 
Inspired by the likes of lady gaga and  Asa 1million Is a lover of music movies, sports, nature

The name 1million
It has absolutely nothing to do with the money. It is much bigger than that. It's the number of times I feel and stood back up.its is the countless number of places I have been to just to make my dreams come tru. It is how much smarter, stronger and better I am. The name signifies how God blesses me; in millions. Not forgetting that when I count my friends and fans, I count them in millions. Because I have all these, I am 1 in a million twitter @iam1million