Popular Nigerian Ambassador In Séx-For-Job Scandal ...

He Sacked Me Because I Refused To Sleep With Him... Secretary Exposes Ambassador!

Being an ambassador, your primary assignment is to be an official representative to a foreign country. One of your duties is to paint the country you are representing in good image; this is a different case when it gets to the Nigerian Ambassador to Sri Lanka, F. A. Rotimi, according to his former secretary.

Mr. Rotimi is not a hidden person when talking about an ambassador or a diplomat with a blacklist, but in such a country - Nigeria - influential people are hardly crucified despite their horrific and embarrassing attitude both at home and abroad.

I hear his secretary is threatening to expose all his dirty secrets. Also, another lady who saw the story had this to say about Mr Rotimi, Nigeria's Ambassador to Sri Lanka. Below is her revelations...

"I read your news on the Sri Lankan meeting and was utterly not surprised considering my brush with Rotimi who is the ambassador there, I knew it would only be a matter of time before signs of his true colors began to show.

"His trip to Poland was the punitive equivalent of sending someone to Serbia, this was as a result of his atrocities,

"During this 'chastisement' probation was when his moles were deleting his bad case files which aided him in scaling through the panel screening for ambassadorial position. He had cases of infidelity and illegitimate children, bilking the chancery position and even fraudulent papers presented to the Ministry which was the basis on his being appointed in the first place to chancery."

She added: "He brags about being untouchable and what not, uses security to harass 'un-friendly media' as long as you are not on his hatchet team to cover up stuff."

The Ambassador is however keeping mum on the allegations against him, some very bad, I can't post here.