22 Senators Dump PDP for APC in National Assembly...

The battle over which party will be in charge of the National Assembly is still on. It seems the APC has made it in the House of Reps, just waiting for the right time to make the announcement. Now the political power tussle has shifted to the senate where 22 senators elected on the platform of the PDP are said to be on their way to join the APC, thus increasing the chance of the leading opposition party.
“As we speak, those of us who have made up our minds to seek a new platform for our political future are not fewer than 22 in this Senate,” said a PDP senator who's set to join APC.
Although the National Chairman of the embattled PDP, Bamanga Tukur, had on Wednesday paid a visit to the Senate to beg the leadership to stop their members from joining APC, but it ended as a failed attempt.

One of the angry Senators thundered, as he walked out of the meeting with Tukur in Abuja:
“Tukur did not know how I contested and won my election; he will not also know how I will contest and win the next election,” adding that 2015 will be a big shocker for the PDP.
You may wish to know that PDP currently has 72 Senators, APC has 33, LP 3 and APGA 1. But with 22 of them now joining the APC, it means the APC will now have 55, will PDP will be left with just 50.
Also, a credible source disclosed that the APC now have a confirmed majority in the House of Reps. “The new arithmetic of the lawmakers in the House is 137 APC members plus 57 new PDP members that recently joined, making a total of 194 members.”