Maheeda Breaks Down In Tears,Explains Why She Shares Her Nude Pictures ...

So, controversial gospel singer Maheeda was on TV yesterday, Galaxy TV Channel.

Where she shockingly explained that she is born again and thinks she is sexy with all the nu’de pictures she’s shared on the internet.

according to her, she posts nu’de pictures of herself to educate parents so they can in turn educate their kids about their sexuality.

Then she broke down at some point when callers called in during her interview with plenty insults and questions for her.

Here’s what Maheeda said:
I’m not posting those nu’de pictures on the internet to teach people to start going naked, I posted them because I felt I am sexy and I love sexuality.

In Europe, where I live, at a certain age, parents will start to teach their children about sex education. But it is unfortunate that I came from this part of the world (Africa) where sentiment is attached to everything.

I’m 31 years old and I can’t pretend to behave like a baby or something. I’m sexy and I like it. I’m still spiritually inclined and I have some gospel songs which are not out yet. One of them is Papangolo.

When asked whether she is aware she is supposed to be a role model, Maheeda replied:

I think the parents have a lot to do in that respect. They should try as much as possible to prevent their children from going naked on the streets.They should teach them sex education. Those nu’de pictures you see is Maheeda. That is me. I am just expressing myself. I’m sexy and I am only appreciating that fact because I love sexuality.