Miley Cyrus Censors Boobs, Posts Festive Holiday Photo...

Miley Cyrus Christmas Pic
Miley Cyrus is working hard to free her nipples. But they remain under photoshopped wraps in the singer's new Christmas photo. Cyrus, who is taking part in a campaign titled Free the Nipple that challenges censorship laws in the the United States, posted the following photo to Twitter yesterday and included with it a caption that reads:

 "Merry Christmas THANK YOU NY for being one of the few states to @freethenipple." Miley Cyrus Christmas Pic Cyrus, of course, ditched her her Hannah Montana-based image a long time ago and has been bordering on NC-17 throughout 2013. The artist has attended a number of public events in see-through outfits, rode around on a wrecking ball in her birthday suit and posed for Terry Richardson topless, with her private area very cleanly shaved.

 And Miley can at least take solace in this: there's no need to start a Free the Tongue campaign. Hers is pretty much set to Full Time Wag status.