Naija Babe Gets Nakéd and Curse Her Boyfriend ...

A fan of 9jagista drew my attention to this issue and I thought ladies should learn from it:
"I had a girlfriend for over five years and she did more than six abortions for me. I didn't think she could have any children in the future that is why I recently broke up with her. Abeg I didn't want to waste time when I eventually marry cos I'm the only boy in my family. I heard she got naked and was swearing for me in her compound. Please does it work? Can the swear catch me?"
The guy is scared and he wants to know if his ex-girlfriend's curse can affect him...
First, why should a guy use and dump a lady after 6 abortions? Isn't that wickedness of the highest order?

Second, why will a lady allow herself get pregnant 6 times for a guy not married to her? Isn't that stupidity?