Photos: 6-man Gang Arrested For Ritual Murders In Imo State ( Viewer Discretion Advised )...


The Nkwerre Vigilante Network this week arrested a six-man gang specialized in the sale of human parts for rituals and transplant in Nkwerre, Imo State. The men confessed to kidnapping their victims at various locations in the state and using their parts for ritual purposes. Some parts they sold to people who needed them for transplant. Yeah, there are human beings like this amongst us.

The men, who are mostly bricklayers, confessed that they sell the parts from N500k to N1million, depending on the parts in demand. Two of the ritual killers were found to be pastors.
The men took the vigilante network members and some policemen to their hideout which is a forest in Umugara Village in Nkwerre. There, police found the decomposing corpses of some of their victims, mostly women and children.

 The gang members confessing…

View  horrible photos. *viewer discretion advised*