Pregnant Man Gives Birth To Baby Girl In Argentina...

Pregnant Man Gives Birth To Baby Girl In Argentina
On Wednesday, December 18, the first baby to be born to transgender parents in Argentina was delivered via C-section in the province of Entre Ríos.

The proud parents are 26-year-old Alexis Taborda and 28-year-old Karen Bruselario. Alexis was born a woman, but lives as a man and Karen was born a man, but lives as a woman. Because of Argentina’s Gender Identity Law passed in May of 2012, the couple have both been able to legally change their genders without gender reassignment surgery, which meant that when they got pregnant via natural means, it was the man, Alexis, who carried the baby.

The baby was due on December 22 via scheduled C-section, but couldn’t wait. Alexis started having contractions the weekend before the scheduled birth, and the  baby was born “early” weighing 9.37 pounds at Hospital Fermín Salaberry in Victoriain. The couple named their baby girl Génesis Evangelina.

Reports have it that both Alexis and Karen are unemployed at the moment. Even during the pregnancy, they faced economic trials. At five months of pregnancy, Alexis had to go out and sell roscas on the street while Karen sold food for money. They are grateful for all the help and gifts they have received from not only friends, but strangers as well. Alexis and Karen do not only hold the distinction of being the first transgender couple to give birth in Argentina they are also the first transgender couple to have gotten married while the groom was pregnant. They officially tied the knot in November.