SHOCKING: Obama's Wife Michelle Divorcing Him Over Infidelity...

These days, It is very difficult to fine any man who has only slept with his wife in 21 years...very hard!

Anyway, the sad news coming from the White House in the United States is that President Barrack Obama and his beautiful wife, Michelle Obama, are heading for divorce. We at 9jagista wish it is not true but here is how a credible source, the National Enquirer, is reporting the story:

The Obamas 21-year marriage has dissolved in a string of ugly fights that got worse at the Mandela memorial incident and far more outrageously Mrs Obama's discovery that some Secret Service bodyguards had been in the act of covering up President Obama's infidelity while he was "enjoying" some sexy ladies...

This is an allegation the White House has declined to comment on, though after Bill Clinton's trouser-dropping scandals, Americans would be rather less sanguine about any extra-marital affair by their president.

Mrs Obama, the Enquirer claims, intends to stand by her husband until his presidency is over, at which time he will move back to Hawaii, where he grew up, and she will stay in Washington with their children.

For the moment, the husband and wife are said to be sleeping in separate rooms after Mr Obama's attempt to 'mend fences' backfired so badly on a recent Christmas getaway to Hawaii that he returned to Washington with their two daughters, leaving his wife behind.

The National Enquirer got it right when it claimed that a supposedly clean Democrat Presidential contender, Mr John Edwards, had fathered a love child by a former campaign worker.

So, is it possible that they are also right that Obama and Michelle's marriage has hit the rocks?