7-Year Old Sells Book, Raises $600,000 for Sick Best Friend...

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Dylan Siegel and Jonah
 Dylan Siegel is a seven-year old whose best friend Jonah has tragically been diagnosed with a rare illness called Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1b. It's a live disorder that cases very low blood sugar and for which there is no cure. Jonah is one of only 500 kids in the world with the disease and he must be fed through a tube every few hours. Dylan Siegel and Jonah Because Dylan describes his friendship with Jonah as "awesome as a chocolate bar," he has written The Chocolate Bar Book, sold it across the world… and raised over $600,000 for research into the illness. Says Dr. David Weinstein of the Florida lab that is receiving these proceeds: "It is now reality. It's not just a dream that these children can be cured." Pretty amazing story, huh?