Rihanna Posts Hottest Photo Ever on Instagram, Shows Chris Brown What He's (Maybe) Missing

This just in: Rihanna's body is pretty unreal.
Not unreal in the Manti Te'o girlfriend sense, obviously. Rihanna totally exists right here in the flesh ... and that flesh is pretty darn spectacular looking.
She seems well aware of this fact, too:

The 24-year-old singer is back doing what she does best - posting sexy pics of her backside, making sure we (and possibly Chris Brown) don't forget about her.
Rihanna and Chris Brown are reportedly on the rocks again, just weeks after appearing inseparable. It's hard to keep track of those two, isn't it?
They might say it's "Nobody's Business," but both go out of their way to make sure we know what they're up to ... and in Rih's case, what she's (not) wearing.
Dressed in a body-hugging white leotard, she's seen here flaunting her bodacious booty, facing away from the camera and offering a sultry, over-the-shoulder glance.
"Lights. Camera. Action #alliseeizsignz," she captioned the photo.
Whatever the hell that means, and whatever you hoped to accomplish, Rih, it worked baby. Seriously, well done. Bet you don't have an encore in you!

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  1. These click and bait stories are getting annoying especially since they're based off of nothing and are totally wrong and off base. Do some research before posting these assumptions and lies