I Was Raped In My House –Says Female Rapper Eva Alordiah ...

The ChildNotBride saga is still throwing up surprises here and there. And the latest one is a confession from one of Nigeria's finest female rapper, Eva Alordiah. The beautiful lady, who once declared that it's her mum who will look for a husband for her, has opened up on how she was molested in her home
When asked during a live radio interview at Hot FM Abuja why no one has heard her voice on the matter of the moment, the ChildNotBride campaign, Eva said it is a difficult issue for her. In her words:
“We are such a country that is so blessed by God. We don’t have earthquake, volcanoes, tsunami. We are problems to ourselves and this is disgusting. I come from a background where I was molested as a child. Definitely it’s a serious situation where you have to put a child through that type of trauma.”
But I thought it's ladies like her that should even be eager to speak out, since they know how bad it hurts?

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  1. This story is a lie and a Fake ... I know this babe personally and she can never say this