Policemen arrested over lynching of students in Badagry...

According to Punch, the policemen who just stood there and watched while two young men were beaten to death on Sunday July 21 in Badagry, have been arrested. The police officers, Inspector Adefemi Ashogbon and Sergeant John Sonayon of the Badagry Police Division were arrested on Friday August 2nd. Sergeant Sonayon was the police officer that interviewed the victims during their torture. Eight other people have also been arrested over the lynching.

Lagos state Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko said,
“The Divisional Police Officer did not present the matter to us the way it happened. When we started asking questions, we discovered that the two people, who were killed, were not armed robbers contrary to what the DPO told us. When we saw the video clips and watched the way those boys were killed, we told ourselves that we would be failing in our duties if we fail to bring everyone involved to justice.”
The sooner they start giving long prison sentences to people who lynch or people who are even found on the scene of a lynching...just looking sef...the safer our family and friends will be.