This Policeman Caught On Tape Demanding Bribe Dismissed [Plus Details]...

I don't understand why there is OBVIOUS disparity between ordinary men and the rich in this geographical expression called Nigeria. Hon Farouk Lawan was caught on tape demanding for and even collecting bribe in Dollars, yet nothing has happened to him, case still lingering in court.

But this Nigeria Police Sergeant, Chris Omeleze, was caught on tape just asking for and negotiating bribe, he did not even collect the said bribe. But he has been dismissed!

From what 9jagista knows, this man must have served Nigeria Police for a minimum of 20yrs to get to the rank of a Sergeant. What other job will he go home to do now, if not crime?

Sergeant Omeleze, who is attached to Lagos State Traffic Division was arrested after the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar, saw the video. He was found guilty during a orderly room trial within 24hrs and dismissed immediately.

Speaking on his fate, Sergeant Omeleze said: "I regret the incident, I have served in the police for 21 years."

Fellow Nigerians, even though we understand that this man has committed a crime and should be punished for it, is dismissing him not too much? Why didn't the police authority demote him, at least? 

Also, why is someone like Farouk Lawan, who was also caught on tape, still working as a public officer?