Robbers Storm Church During Sunday Service; 2 Persons Killed Over Tithe and Offering...

The quest to make fast cash is really driving men crazy these days, the house of God is not even spared:
A gang of robbers invaded Vine Branch Church on Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadan, Oyo State on Sunday, killing two policemen. Some church members also sustained injuries as they attempted to flee the scene. 
It was gathered that the robbers attacked the church to snatch Offering and Tithe boxes. The robbers were said to have pretended to be worshippers as they joined the congregation during the service. 
It was learnt that they struck soon after the Tithe and Offerings were collected...
According to Punch, a van with some bank officers and two policemen drove into the church immediately the offerings were collected to take them to safety. When the bank officer entered the church, the robbers were said to have attacked him, but they later realised that he had not taken possession of the money.

Realising they had made a failed attempt, the robbers shot into the air and attacked the policemen waiting in the van outside. They killed the policemen and took away their rifles. The driver was, however, spared because one of the robbers was said to have observed that he was not a policeman.

An eyewitness, who did not give her name, said the entire operation showed a lot of planning by the robbers.

She said, “No one would have expected that the robbers were among the congregation. They must have visited the church more than once during the planning stage to get information on how the church keeps its offerings.

Many church members did not know until today that the offerings are immediately taken away after they are collected. How these robbers got to know how the church treats the offerings is a mystery. I am sure this was not the first time they worshipped with us.”

The Police in Oyo State say people should not panic that they are on top of the situation.